Our Philosophy

Our mission at Shoreline Massage Therapy is to reconnect within the space inside ourselves that honors the essence of our being; that place that is light, love and truth. Through ancient bodywork modalities, intuitive wisdom, foundational yoga instruction, integrative health and nutrition education and essential oil therapy we journey back to our origins and receive medicine that nature has intended for us.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest forms of health care, with its roots dating back thousands of years ago. Since ancient times therapeutic bodywork modalities were used as treatments for a variety of ailments and conditions. Not only did it have analgesic (pain relieving) effects, it served as a method of addressing the primordial, or root, cause of both musculoskeletal and visceral dysfunctions. Today massage is still used for a for a variety of intentions; including promoting circulatory function of blood, improving posture, skeletal re-alignment, boosting the immune system, flushing toxins, lymphatic drainage, promoting digestive metabolism, supporting injury repair, decreasing both acute and chronic pain, and last but not least, alleviating stress!

Furthermore, bioenergetics modalities of bodywork go a step further to address the mental and emotional aspects of our being. The daily stressors of life often take a toll on the Bodymind which leaves the spirit feeling unbalanced. This may leave individuals prone to feelings of depression, anxiety, worry, dissatisfaction, and fatigue. These emotions can take physical form and manifest themselves as actual physical disharmonies and disease in the bodymind. By working with energetic channels, physical reflex points, chakras, and meridians it is possible to cultivate a sense of body awareness and release blocked energy to harmonize the individuals Bodymind connection. This way it is possible to address individual as an individual and work with his or her root of dysfunction, rather than simply focusing on alleviating symptoms.